Our company is specialized in trading various kinds of Ethanol. Ethanol, a source of energy, is widely used in both daily life and production. It is also applied in a wide range of technological sectors, from simple to high and complex technology.
Ethanol offered by our company is proper material in food, cosmetics, and medicine production. Our company is able to provide every ethanol according to any demanded specification listed as follows.

– Foot ethanol: a material in producing wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages.

– Pharmaceutical ethanol: used in every hospital and ethanol-using applications. Furthermore, it is material in producing medicine, for in stance: Ha Tay pharmaceutical joint stock company, Naphaco, Nam Duoc Company

– Cosmetic ethanol: totally in cosmetic

– Industrial ethanol: chemical in paint, weave, dye sectors and numerous ethanol-using technologies, for instance: Ford VietNam 10-10 garment and tetile company, SUNCALL company, Ministry of defense.

– We supply 1 million liter per month (quality standards, package , storage and transportation) in Vietnam. Moreover, our ethanol is chosen to replace IPA product in chemical and printing industries as well as parallel applications.

– Providing a variety of ethanol for Vietnamese market, An Thinh has a close and reliable business relationship with many big Vietnamese sugarcane companies, a stable material supply source.

– Also, we are proud of our young, creative and active staff. They are now continuously contributing to the company development.

– To ensure the stainable development and healthy competition, An Thinh Company looks forward to learning more from a great number of business partners and improving the cooperation in both domestic and oversea markets. Especially, An Thinh is certain to target French-language community such as France, South and Central Africa,taking advantage of the language and culture competency.

– Our company commits to make great efforts on building up a strong brand name in Ethanol trading in not only in Vietnamese market but international one as well.



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